If you need support to make a scope or you need an advice on assessing a large budget, we can support you reaching your business with our pragmatic attitude and our well established experience in the field. No matter the dimensions of your project, we will make sure it will be a success. Thanks to our flexibility and our unequivocal point of contact setup for all (components) members, the project management will be direct and practical. Due to our extended knowledge of systems and materials regarding ships accommodations organised by class, we can supply extensive range of solutions and packages. In time the choice of available products and packages will grow. Contact info

Leeghwaterstraat 3-06
Tel.: +31 (0)182 329 031
Mob.: +31 (0)6 236 775 61

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A new name with familiar people

Opticon Marine a spin–off of KAEFER Opticon B.V. The way it is managed over a decade will be continued with a solid base. Our flexible, service-orientated way has been our main asset. We believe in this concept and want to expand from this base with our new name. Our expertise and knowledge in the regulations of accommodations building is extensive, our goal is to continue and grow.

  1. Insulation.
  2. Floors, walls(panelling), ceilings and doors.
  3. Furniture, sanitary amenity(complete arrangements).
  4. Practical support to or at the shipyard.
  5. Comprehensible, innovative design and support.
  6. No-nonsense preparation and/or implementation.
  7. Export of prefabricated parts or complete accommodations, coordinated practically and fully supported.
  8. Special designed parts for ship accomodations, navy-, passenger- and container-ships, yachts, tug- and working-boats and offshore.

The question which can rise during the development of a project, whether something can be built or applied within all limitations and regulations to develop an accommodation, can be answered and supported by us. Our expertise and extensive network allows us to find a way. We will help you to make a success of every project.

In case of any questions or remarks regarding the subjects, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by filling out our contact form. We shall contact you as soon as possible.